Terms and conditions


Art.1   Object
Art.2   Purpose
Art.3   “Cinque Terre Trekking Card”
Art.4   Exemption or reduction cases of “Cinque Terre Trekking Card”
Art.5   “Tipologie delle “Cinque Terre Treno Multiservizi”
Art.6   How to buy the Multiservices Cards
Art.7   How to buy the Card online
Art.8   Paper Card purchase
Art.9   Controls
Art.10 What to do in case of Weather Alert
Art.11 Park Authority Information media
Art.12 What to do in case of overcrowding
Art.13 Cancellations
Art.14 Refunds
Art.15 Procedure of Reimbursement Request
Art.16 Personal data protection
Art.17 Last Policy